About He Said She Said

A fun, entertaining duo from the small Grey/Bruce County area, Shane and Jess have teamed up to collaborate on original music and have a good time playing covers songs.
Shane comes from a rock background being in many bands over the years. Coaching for Sara, Boondoggle, The Ultrasounds to name a few.
Jess is a theatrical singer being in many musicals with the Grey/Bruce Singers and is currently in the band Dragonfly covering many old classics, such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and Etta James.
When Shane first heard Jess sing, he was very impressed with her range and beautiful clarity. Shane had previously written some material that didn't quite fit his rock genre and realized Jess' voice was a perfect fit.
In October of 2020, Shane approached Jess with his ideas and she excitedly joined forces with him. Since then they have worked hard on their craft and have become best friends, as it shows in their acoustic videos.
Shane and Jess are looking forward to adding live shows to their schedule and bringing the joy of their music to others.

He Said

He Said About Jess

Jess has been singing since she was a little girl. If it wasn’t at church it was performing with her sister for her parents or people who just came over for a visit.
She has had voice and piano lessons and found that singing is her true love.

In grade 8 she won the award for musician of the year, being the lead singer in the high school band.

She loves to act as well and has been the lead in several plays, one of them being Bye-bye Birdie as Rose Alvarez, the leading lady. She has also been a fairy twice, a king, and a law student living with her eccentric Nanna. Being able to act and sing has really brought her out of her shell and given her confidence while singing.

She is also in another band called Dragonfly where she performs at retirement homes, fundraisers and also weddings.

She is really enjoying and being challenged by the newness of writing songs but finds it quite thrilling. Music is most certainly one of the greatest joys in her life along with her awesome family and amazing friends who support her in all that she takes on.

She Said About Shane

Raised in the small town of Walkerton, ON. Shane grew up having many musical influences from Dean Martin to Foo Fighters and everything in between. Shane began as a drummer at the age of 16. He later became the lead vocalist for the 90's indie rock band 'Boondoggle'.

Working with great musicians over the years, Shane learned a thing or two from just observing them. He taught himself guitar and started to write. Since then Shane has been in several bands, including but not limited to, The Ultrasounds and Coaching for Sara.

Shane writes songs from the heart, and mostly from personal experience. With melodic melodies, catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics, Sawyer brings a certain element to the song writing process.